100 Days

Nov 01

One hundred days from now, I will turn forty. 

There are some who read my blog who have known me since I was a teenager.  Some since my birth.  They are likely feeling a little old having just read that statement. 

I don’t feel old, though.  I feel invigorated by the prospect of entering a new decade of my life.  I have so much good in my life right now–and I believe my 40s will lead to even more good, nay, wonderful events.

To bid adieu to my 30s, years that were tumultuous, heartbreaking, yet ultimately the best so far, and to prepare for my 40s, I have thought long and hard about a project I might undertake.  I determined that I want to focus on strengthening my body, mind, and spirit during the next 100 days, and here’s how I plan to do so:

1.  Complete this program, which will result in my doing 100 push ups before my birthday.  My dear friend LJO is a personal trainer, and she has assured me that properly executed push ups are one of the best exercises to target a variety of muscles and to build my upper body strength.
2.  Read the Bible.  While I have probably read most of it throughout my life, I plan to dedicate myself to a focussed and deliberate reading.  I’m estimating that I’ll need to read about 20 pp.a day.  I’ll be using my favorite version, the New Jerusalem Bible.
3.  Return to a regular daily  yoga practice.  I miss my headstands, even if I do need to lean against a wall do do them.   We are, as the saying goes, only as young as our spines.  I want my spine to feel as young as my mind does.
4.  Write at least 200 pages of my revised draft of The Hardest Bent.  Since the start of the semester, I have been lame about getting in my writing time.  I uprooted my life and underwent drastic changes in order to learn my craft, and I intend to respect myself by, well, writing.   I’ve been sloppy about  staying on the treadmill, but now I will be pristine in my habits.

I’ll post progress as warranted.  Wish me luck!


  1. Fantastic goals!
    Turning 40 is wonderful. I deemed my 40s the Decade of Taking No Crap. Four years into it, it seems to be working out well.

  2. Wonderful and worthy goals. I agree with Nora – 40 and over are great times because you care less about what other people think! It’s very freeing.

  3. Those sounds like really good and attainable goals. I did the first two days of the 100 pushup plan before forgetting to do it. I think you’re inspiring me to give it another shot! 🙂

  4. I turned 39 5 weeks ago and began to think about my goals before hitting 40 as well. You’ve got a good list. I need to solidify mine before they float off into the ether and I forget to do anything!

  5. Those are excellent goals. I will be 30 in April. I’m inspired to create my own list.

  6. Excellent goals. We should have a Bible read-along. I keep meaning to do that too. I wish I could find a good study guide that wasn’t religous in nature, but more cultural, looking at the Bible as a cultural and literary document.

  7. What a wonderful idea. You always have the best ideas, my Bev. I know what you mean about not feeing our age. How can we be in our later 30s when we still feel young and vibrant?

  8. Good luck! You’ve got a wonderful set of goals.

  9. good luck on your goals, and here’s to a beautiful decade. as my (somewhat older friend said to me on the eve of my forties, “it’s a long way to fifty!

  10. Those are some awesome goals! Good Luck!

  11. How are those pushups coming? Good for you! Forty is not the end of the world, and I can see that you are gearing up to be a stronger and more creative person in your next decade — CHEERS!

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I AM looking forward to this new decade, I just wonder how did we get there? I think 40’s are going to be fabulous!! I just hope that grace accompanies wisdom. Hey did you know that if you read three chapters of the Bible each day and 7 chapters on Saturday and Sunday you will read the Bible in 1 year?

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