New Knitty!

Dec 10

I haven't gotten through the entire issue, what with using it as my procrastination tool (grade a paper, oogle a pattern), but so far, I think this is one swell issue.  I'm super excited for Everybody Knows.  I have a ton of Manos in my stash, just waiting for a pattern, and I think this is it.  And did you get a load of Romi's model?  I love the earrings, but that girl–too beautiful!  Did you totally recognize Norah Gaughan's work when you saw Surface?  I love it with the wrap over it.

What are you liking?


  1. I love the new Knitty! I’m loving the “topographie” hat- what a great idea! And I love everything by Norah Gaughan but now especially “Surface”. I NEED to make that sweater!

  2. Fern glade is calling me – the slouchy one.

  3. I knew it would come out today because I must finish this paper. That’s the rule of knitty, right? 😉
    poinsettia has my name on it.

  4. The plaited socks are going on the needles this week! I’m also eyeing Amelia. I’ve been looking for the right cardi pattern for a while and that might be it. I need to see it on a skinnier person first and see if those ribs are less wavy over smaller boobs!

  5. Wow! I haven’t visited Knitty in a while. So much inspiration. I really like Amelia and it’s coincidental that the design is by cosmicpluto because I really enjoy her blog. As for that model, Bev, I agree. She is stunning and the pictures are flawless.

  6. I am LOVING the Typographie hat as I have the exact yarn pictured in the model:)

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