Get a Load of This, Mr. Jeffries, or Pup Pr*n

Sep 30

She may be older than the adorable Olive, but Coco feels that Mr. Jeffries (her no-longer-secret crush) should not squander all of his affections on a mere pup.  To entice him, she asked me to post  her recent bathing beauty photo.  If this doesn't catch his eye, she may resort to sending him half-dead beetles with which to amuse himself, or perhaps even a few slugs in which to roll and achieve that je ne sais quois she adores.

She even plans to donate to the Red Scarf Fund to prove her affection.

Iphone 024


  1. Oh my…
    I see some interesting posts in the future. All about wooing young Mr. J.
    Good luck CoCo!

  2. My mom is in the neighborhood and would love to donate some slugs to CoCo’s romantic aspirations. Get your woo on CoCo!

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