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Feb 17

You had a question or two, and I've got an answer or two (or sometimes none).

Faun asked "What's your favorite way to prepare tofu?"

I don't actually eat much tofu.  I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian since 1998, but I usually only have tofu when I'm at a restaurant.  One of the local Thai places makes a mango tofu dish that is so, so delicious.  Here's a recipe that sounds similar.  From my experiences eating tofu out, I'd say go with firm and marinate the heck out of it.  Hmmm…maybe I should give that a try!

Christina, who is firm in her fortitude about not buying any yarn, had several questions: 

Favorite colors? Black is my favorite color to wear, which stems from my years living in NY.  The first time my ex-husband's band played in CBGB's, I realized why city women so often do wear black.  I always thought it was because it's such a flattering go-to color, but I think the real reason is that it hides the filth of a city!  I got very attached to pink after my maternal grandmother passed away; it was her favorite color.  I knit a lot with green…I think it's another universally flattering color, and it reminds me of spring and summer, which makes me happy.  I also have recently (in the last year) become a fan of orange.  Not burnt brownish orange, but true, bright orange.  Especially when combined with a nice cream. 

Favorite hand made project in the past year? This is a toughie, but I'm going to go with the Bella's Mittens I made for my sweet niece for Christmas.  They were a truly interesting and fun project to make.

 What do you do for fun when you aren't knitting/sewing/just being crafty cool? Aren't you sweet to call me crafty cool?!  During the academic year, a large part of my "free" time is spent grading and planning.  In good weather, I love to bike or hike with my dogs.  I don't do it much, but I enjoy ice skating (only outdoors, though.  Indoor rinks are not happy making for me).  I'm an avid reader.  I don't know if I'd always call it fun, but I am revising my novel for the fifth time.  I'm also a sucker for period dramas, especially Tudor or Elizabethan England.

Karen's questions are unanswerable.  She asked "How do you manage to be clearer about statements such as, "late assignments will not be accepted" and "make sure that emails are received BY ME prior to the end of class"? Is there clearer language to use? Is it possible to translate this into multiple languages?"

Karen is a fellow college professor.  She knows perfectly well that you can say these things seven ways to Sunday, and they will be meaningless to a certain percentage of students.  I do accept late assignments, but I deduct points for every business day they're late.  I used to deduct for weekends, too, but I decided that was just too mean.

What mean things have your past teachers done?  

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow is my reflection on Lenten discipline.  


  1. Hey! Thank you, that’s great…the only problem is I don’t have a “medium sauce pot with a cover that fits.” I know, I’m such a loser. (I usually just stick a dinner plate over the pot. Is that bad? It seems kind of Julia Child, right?)

  2. I know perfectly well that it doesn’t work for ME. I was wondering since your awesomeness exceeds mine whether you had magical powers. That’s all. 😀
    Mean things past teachers have done: My 5th grade teacher lost my spelling book, blamed me, told me i couldn’t have in-class recess for two weeks because I hadn’t handed in the assignment and then had a fit because I had no way to do future assignments. She was mean. Not that I’m bitter after all these years. Nope. Not me. She also hit another kid with a ruler. And this was public school…

  3. In 7th or 8th grade I had an English teacher who ruined any love I had for poetry. She would have us interpret the poems and I guess my interpretation wasn’t hers and I was given TERRIBLE grades (hard for a straight A student). To this day I can’t enjoy poetry…I blame it on her (I even remember her name after all these years).

  4. I had a teacher in highschool who told me I was good at math and science (I never noticed before). I now work at a National Lab doing important work that I like. Crazy how one comment by one teacher changed my life forever!

  5. That’s SO true about wearing black in the city. The MAIN reason I can’t wear it? Two white cats. And I do a lot of colored fiber spinning.
    Ok, so that was two reasons.
    But, I would love to wear black.

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