Mar 01

Thank you so much for playing along with my month-long comment contest.  I really enjoyed reading your responses to my questions.  Your responses often made me consider new ideas or familiar ideas in new ways, and that rocks my world!


The winner with the most comments is….


What does she win, beyond my gratitude for sticking with me all month (wait, you all have that!)?  I will weave her a scarf in colors that we agree upon.  Won't that be fun?!  

Christina is moderating the March Madness group on Ravelry, so if you're into knitting and finishing small projects this month, be sure to hop on over there and join us!

Did you purchase one of Scout's Olympic Medals?  We're having a March Medals KAL on the Scout's Swag board on Ravelry…everyone will knit whatever s/he likes, and we'll all be knitting with the same yarn.

What do you think.  Should I make socks (no purl Monkeys) or a shawl (Traveling Woman) with my skein?


  1. I’m thinking of making a huge Pomatomus cowl. I have no idea why I would, but I thought about it on my walk home this afternoon. When my skein arrives (I was a very late purchaser since I DNF in my Olympics race and wasn’t sure if I should take a skein from a deserving knitter) we’ll see if it talks to me.

  2. I feel so lucky! I can’t wait to see what you make!!!!!! 🙂

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