Paring Down

Sep 26

Last week I dug into the difficult work of actually packing away my clothes for Project 333.  One thing to talk about doing it.  A little different to put my words into action.  One more final box to fill by the end of the month, and I'll be ready to see where this experiment takes me.


  1. Whew. Relieved to see that the project doesn’t count underthings. Thinking about it, I’m pretty much there: I have four pairs of pants, five shirts – and I wear them in regular rotation to work during the week. All black. It’s a bit blah, but I spice it up with some jewelry, and it’s so easy for laundry.

  2. whitney /

    bev–so, so interested to hear more about this! i don’t think i’m fashionable enough to figure out how to mix and match but i am looking forward to learning from you! 🙂

  3. You know, when I’ve done 3 and 5 month backpacking trips, with only the few clothes that fit into my backpack, it always amazed me upon my return home that I kept reaching for those same few pieces. How long will you keep everything else packed up?

  4. Your closet looks so sad and empty. I’m sure come January you’ll have big plans for what to wear after you re-fill it 🙂

  5. Annie, I’ll keep everything packed up until 1/1/11, when I’ll go through the packed clothes with an eye for living with less. I have at least four pair of dress slacks, for example, and I usually wear dresses or skirts to teach, and I’m rarely on campus more than four days a week. I love variety in my clothes, but like you, when I’ve lived out of a suitcase (okay, bigger than a back pack) for months, I’ve had no problem with it.
    Whitney, I’m planning to do a weekly montage of what outfits I’ve made from my 33 items…and you are far more fashionable than you credit!!
    Christina, doesn’t it look empty? We went out for a fancy pants b’day dinner on Sat., and I was bummed that I already had packed so much away!

  6. i’m loving this project and playing a long by my own rules. i’m trying to pare down and simplifying tops/bottoms/dresses. a goodwill opened up near us so i have an easier way of getting rid of quite a few items that have been in the “this should be passed on” pile. and you inspired me to finally felt the wool sweater that couldn’t really be passed on but is good wool.

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