Ten on Tuesday, for the Birds

May 03

Today’s topic is Ten Favorite Birds, which couldn’t be more timely as I’ve been enjoying the avian traffic flittering through the weeping cherry tree.

Not all of my favorites are outside, though.

Bluebird closeup

1. Birds of a Feather. This adorable pattern is a great entree into softies if you were thinking of taking up the acrylic and hook.

2. Blue birds. My pal Cae has created a blue bird haven in her back yard. I enjoy knitting on her screened porch with her and catching glimpses of the little darlings. They look like three-dimensional flying watercolors.

3. Indigo bunting. I saw my first one while biking last summer, and I thought I’d seen an escaped exotic bird!

4. Heron. When I commuted by train along the Hudson in my NY days, I often saw a heron (not sure what kind) just as the train pulled away from the Croton-Harmon Station. I looked for it every day and took it as a good omen when I saw it.

5. Cardinal. I like the lady cardinals best.  They look like they might be nuns.

6. Eagles. When Neal and I visited Albuquerque to look for my first apartment there, we drove up Sandia Crest and were flabbergasted to see a Golden eagle. Bald eagle sightings here in Connecticut, while not common, are not unusual. Such sightings always amaze me.

7. Owls. We have a noisy owl population in the woods around our house. I love hearing them in the wee hours of the morning, even if I don’t love the dogs’ barking at them.

8. Hummingbirds. They crack me up in the summer with their angry antics.

9. Seagulls. Their cry evokes the pleasure of the beach.

10. Friendly birds. Fun to make, cheering to have around the house every spring.

Florence the friendly bird

What are your favorite birds?


  1. Honestly there aren’t many birds I don’t like. My favorite could be our fifteen chickengrrls. They give us the best tasting eggs ever.

  2. Terrific list and so hard to narrow down, I think. I should have included Angry Birds, too!

  3. great bird post……
    i love chickadees,wrens,hummingbirds,and migrating warblers

  4. For wild birds, the Bluebirds are tops…we have worked on supporting them on the farm for years and it is a joy when they hatch new babies that fledge. But there are so many…yes, including our hens!

  5. Wonderful list; love your friendly birds. 🙂 I’m most partial to chickadees!

  6. love how you mixed the crafted and real birds in your list! I have a bird collection – mostly carved wood, with one glass and one ceramic. wish I would’ve included my favorites from that in my list (or maybe I just thought up another blog post 🙂

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