Friendship Bracelet Swap

Jun 08

A wonky attempt

It all started on Sunday.  I went into Madewell with Sarah, saw some friendship bracelets and said “we should get these.” In the end, other items were gotten, and the $5 bracelets left behind. I couldn’t stop thinking about friendship bracelets, though.

This morning I pinned a bunch on Pinterest, and then I pulled out my embroidery floss to try out this tutorial. I swear, it’s like when I used to learn a new vocabulary word and then see it in EVERYTHING! Friendship bracelets seem to be everywhere! Or perhaps I’m just looking.

I haven’t hosted a swap in a long time, but I’m thinking a friendship bracelet swap might be super fun. Who wouldn’t want to sport a wrist full of pretty embroidery floss for the summer?

What do you say? Should I hammer out some details? Want to play summer camp with me?


  1. Teri /

    Sure! I haven’t made one in EONS.

  2. Anne /

    I’m in! Guess I should go buy some embroidery thread, huh?

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever made one. Is it hard to figure out? Lord knows I’ve got lots of floss from my cross stitch days.

    • Super easy! By the time you finish one, you’ll be an expert. The first one takes a while, but once you get going, they’ll take less than 15 minutes each!

  4. Yes yes yes!!!!! I wanna swap friendship bracelets! I totally have a few from back in the day from important friends when I was 10.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Count me in!

  6. I never made any of these as a teen, although I remember wearing them. Sounds like fun!

  7. Lauren /

    Count me in! Sounds like fun!

  8. Put me down . . . I can ‘play’ now that school is almost out.

  9. Katie /

    I’m totally going to go find all my leftover thread from my cross stitching days. Sounds like a good way to use all of it!

  10. I used to sell these in highschool. I want to swap wiht you! “long distant BFF”

  11. dude! I totally used to know how to make Fish in them!! Obsessed! I would totally be down with this swap!

  12. Even though it’s winter in Australia (although our idea of cold is probably a joke to you!) I would love to participate in your swap. I have to tell you now, I have never actually made one but even if it’s dodgey, I’ll still choose cool colours!

  13. Yes! count me in, I’m all about summer nostalgia this year. I haven’t made one in EONS and I do need to make use of thread stash since I haven’t been embroidering.

  14. i’m so down!!
    check out my youtube. i’ve been making bracelets for about 3 years now, but i’ve only had a youtube for a little while

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