Little Scallops Hat for Adults

Nov 28

I saw Miss C’s Small Waves or Little Scallops (depending on translation) hat for kids, and I just had to make one for grown ups. After messing around and adapting it, I asked her if I could post the pattern on Ravelry, and she graciously gave me permission. Want to make your own Little Scallops Hat? Here’s the Ravelry link.

I am all about hats this season. What are you all about?


  1. That is really really cute! Nice job!

  2. So happy, just this past Sunday I was telling the knitting girls I had to make this hat. I love you for doing all the work for me (besides the knitting)!

  3. Cute hat! I am into knitting cowls this season…oh and mittens especially after 10 on Tuesday posts this week.

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