Craft Friday

Nov 18

You don’t need me to rant about Black Friday, consumerism, or whatever irks you about the cultural expectation that U.S. citizens will arise in the wee hours the day after we’ve given thanks for all we have (health, loved ones, material goods, etc.) to shop, to use credit cards to buy things made cheaply in awful circumstances just to conform to some one else’s idea of holiday festivities.

What if we rebel? Not in the quiet way we crafters have always rebelled, stitching our hearts out to make hats from locally produced yarn, buying a pattern from a designer on Ravelry, spending our time instead of racking up debt, striving for sustainable, for heirloom quality, for real joy as a giver and for our recipients, but in a Craft Activism sort of way: doing what we do, crafting what we craft, and letting the world KNOW ABOUT IT?

I thought you’d like that.

On Twitter this morning, I declared Black Friday will be Craft Friday instead. The tremendous response to the idea made me think we should make this a thing. You know, with a hashtag (#CraftFriday, natch), a Flickr group, maybe even a shared Pinterest board.

Let me know if you’re in by leaving a comment. And if you have a blog, write a declaration–you don’t have to spill the beans about what you’re going to make if your recipients read the blog, but how about you share WHY you’re inspired to make instead of shop? We’ll have a Craft Friday Declaration Post Party this Friday, November 22, and I’ll add a link round up here so you can feel the support and love of our community.

You in? Yeah, I figured you would be.


  1. i’m in! this isn’t really much of a stand on my part either. i haven’t shopped on black friday in years since i think it’s madness. all of the stuff will be there on monday, and if it’s not, then no big whoop.

    • This is a rebellion in which I’m proud to partake and promote!! The day after Thanksgiving should be known as Craft Friday forever more.

    • I am so in. I stopped shopping yrs ago, then did it for awhile on line while sitting in PJ’s in the middle of bed watching Christmas movies.
      I hate the way people act, shoving, snatching, knocking things over failing to pick it up, and just nasty to others. They act like someone is holding a shotgun to their heads; making them shop. All the debt that adds up and the following year still trying to pay off.
      This year I have decided to just give money and a few knitted items to a very small group.

  2. I love, love, love your revolutionary spirit! I don’t currently craft, but I’ll support the revolution.

  3. I’m in too! I cannot stand black Friday, and the fact that stores are now going to force their employees to work on Thursday is even more despicable! I will be crafting again this year, and encouraging my kids to do the same…

  4. Great idea! I happen to hate Black Friday and have made a point for years to not shop that day. For the past few years my knit group would go out for breakfast and then knit at our LYS. Unfortunately this shop closed in the Spring – but maybe we will host a craft day instead.

  5. I’m in! Now I have to remember to post that day. I try to not even go to the grocery store on Black Friday.

  6. I love it! Great idea. 🙂

  7. Terry Price Ware /

    Keeping a positive attitude, being in the world and not OF the world, can be especially challenging when the world around us seems to have values unlike mine, AND I’m committed to living a positive life. YES! I’m in. I begin crafting for the winter holidays (my sisters’ birthdays are all in the fall) at the beginning of each new year. I like to stop short of judging others for being wrong. They get to be who they are. I get to be who I am. Though not a part of the shopping frenzy, I am a part of the celebration, a celebration of life in all its glory. We each have a little greed, neediness, and competitiveness in us. We work with it, we heal it, we use it for good in our lives as we mature. Almost done with Holiday Crafting 2013. Open for 2014 inspiration. Anyone?

  8. This is an excellent idea! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. I don’t do Black Friday either and am appalled at the Thanksgiving Day shopping!

  9. I’m in! What a wonderful idea!!

  10. Barb Thompson /

    I am in! Black Friday, begone!

  11. Noralee /

    Great idea! I absolutely love it! I refuse to join the Black Friday madness. I will shop, but not that day! A handmade gift is always the best gift; personal and made with love. I will be knitting and sewing that day.

  12. Hi Beverly,
    Great idea…I’m in!

  13. I’m in! At my LYS we are invited to come knit in our pajamas on Black Friday…

  14. I am doing a cookie Sunday (I have to work on Black Friday). Making cookies as gifts with my granddaughters.

  15. Beverly, I love this idea. Black Friday also happens to be my birthday this year, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than making rather than buying! I’m so in.

  16. I love this idea! I hate Black Friday because the crowds freak me out – and I am more than happy to craft all day. My local Y usually has special fitness classes (like 4 hours of water aerobics!) that you can drop in on.

  17. A Rebellion where we “have” to knit? I am so in. What about starting today as many stores are having the pre-Black Friday sales!! The way they are going we will soon have a pre-pre-pre etc Black Friday sale every week of the year.

    knit on fellow knitters!

  18. Judy Bevilacqua /

    LOVE the idea – I refuse to shop on Black Friday (and absolutely NOT on Thanksgiving Day!) I’ll gladly craft/knit/crochet all day long and Shop Local on Saturday the 30th!

  19. Caryn Dietrich /

    What a wonderful idea! Down with Black Friday… I’m in!
    Have been hating the consumerism of the holidays for a long time, talked to my friend yesterday about giving all homemade gifts this year… hope they see the love that went into each stitch! No one in my family reads this blog, so I feel safe in saying I plan on giving knit hats to 3 of my grandchildren (2 hats already knit!) and maybe a scarf for my youngest granddaughter and my DIL… hope they all like their gifts this year!

  20. I’m seeing this late, but I am SO IN.

  21. Stephanie Malone /

    I am SO in! I cannot stand Black Friday and now stores are remaining open on Thanksgiving. It makes me sick. Craft Friday…here I come!

  22. SweetBay /

    Count me in! This shopping has turned to madness.

  23. Theresa /

    I’m in. I have avoided the Black Friday madness for years. I’m all for a Craft Friday. I might even have to join twitter to play.

  24. Love this idea. I’m avoiding the shopping madness!

  25. I’m a little late to sign up, but I fully plan to participate. I hate Black Friday, and I think it’s appalling stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day now.
    I do have to confess that once I went to Macy’s on Black Friday. It was 2008 right after the crash and my parents were visiting, and my dad discovered he’d forgotten to pack underwear for the trip! So we had to go buy some emergency undies and Macy’s was the closest store that had any.

  26. I may be late, but I am so in!

  27. Lee Ann /

    I am in! I loathe Black Friday (and malls in general). I have my knitting and holiday movies all lined up for Craft Friday!

  28. In! Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. Wendy Ponte /

    I have never participated in Black Friday–never! I will, for sure, be knitting and crocheting on Friday!

  30. Emlymom /

    I am so down with that. I have posted my declaration on Facebook. I have some fleece to process and some knitting to attend to. Loving it!


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