Ten on Tuesday: Thankful Edition

Nov 26

Today Carole invited us to share Ten Things I am Thankful For:

Dogs1. My dogs. I miss my little Maddie all the time, but Oskar, Coco, and Tilly add joy to every day. Sometimes worry and frustration, too, but always joy.

2. Living near my parents. I never thought I’d end up back in CT. I was happy to leave it, and while I returned for love, I’ve always wished my love lived elsewhere. Still, in the last year, I’ve grown more grateful to be here, near my parents, which allows me to have a stronger relationship with them than I did in the past.

3. My family. They’re pretty great.

4. All the abundance in my life. I remember times when my food budget was smaller than the cost of a manicure. I am grateful to be able to purchase not only whatever food I want, but whatever quality food. I’m grateful to have a sweet home, transportation, a job, supplies for crafting, access to any book I want to read.

5. My Oboz hiking boots. I’m spending a lot of time in the woods with Oskar, and I splurged on a pair of proper boots. They have made hiking even better.

6. My friends. What is better than that solid group of people who you really get and who get you, who will do silly or serious activities with you with the same exuberance?

7. Good health insurance. I had a battle with an immersion blender Sunday night. The immersion blender was not the one to go to the ER. I’m grateful that it was inexpensive (and that I didn’t lose the tip of my finger–the cuts, while painful and sharp, should heal easily. They were surprisingly minor, needing only steri-strips).

8. My online community. I’m thrilled by the enthusiasm for Craft Friday!

9. Writing projects. My projects, while slow going, keep me focused on what matters the most to me. Story rocks my world, and I’m grateful to create it.


10. Neal. This man, sometimes compared by my friends to Ron Swanson, makes me feel thankful all day long, every day. I feel fortunate to spend my life with him.

I’ll post with more Craft Friday details on Wednesday. In the meantime, what has you feeling thankful this year?



  1. They’re all important items, but sometimes I forget the importance of #7. Glad you were the victor in your battle with the immersion blender!

  2. My dog was on my list too. Those furry friends are just the sweetest!

  3. Reading our lists brings to mind all the many wonderful pieces of our lives. We are a fortunate community.

  4. I like your ‘thankful’s, wonderful blessings.

  5. Neal is a Ron Swanson? That makes me love him for you even more! Great list.

  6. I love your list. I’m really enjoying reading the things that everyone’s thankful for this year.

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