Ten on Tuesday: Best of ’13 Edition

Jan 07

Carole asked us to share 10 Favorite Moments of 2013. It’s hard to limit to ten!

1.My sister’s eldest, Drew, visited in January. We took the train to NYC, saw the Beatrix Potter exhibit at the Morgan, and enjoyed pastries at my favorite NYC cafe.  IMG_1007

2. My birthday dinner with Neal. A blizzard hit, and Neal spent the day snow blowing and shoveling. He then took me skiing, and finally, to a lovely dinner.IMG_1086

3. Playing with Maddie in the brook during the spring.


4. Spending loads of time in Paris. I especially loved wandering Shakespeare and Company while listening to this young woman play the piano.

SandCo5. A sunny day in Montplaisir that ended with time spent watercoloring.

watercolor in MontPlaisir6. Morning and evening visits at Montplaisir from my four-legged friend (I named him Arno).



7. A lovely afternoon in Camon, where nearly every doorway is covered in roses, with artist Cassandra Einstein and her charming musical husband.



8. Time shopping in the Parisian markets with Sara. Well, let’s just say all moments with Sara were top moments!

market9. Enjoying time on the beautiful screened porch that Neal built me. This included our fun-filled Open Porch Wednesdays (the porch was open to all from 6-9 with drinks and snacks at the ready…I can’t wait for summer to start it up again!), time napping, reading, chatting, watercolor paining, and writing. And…before the screens went in, I saw our clutch of phoebes learn to fly!


10. Bringing little Oskar into our family. Moments when we hiked together, watched the pups all playing, celebrated Tilly’s return to health as she ran with the new dog, remembered sweet Maddie when Oskar did something just the way she used to.


There are thousands of great memories from 2013, most of them revolving around Neal, my best pals, my family, my mutts, my creative outlets, and teaching. What are some of your favorite moments from 2013?






  1. Thanks for sharing your stunningly beautiful 2013 moments! The rose-crowned doorway is especially lovely to look at on this frozen, blustery day.

  2. Glad you had so many good moments to recall. Here’s to many more in 2014!

  3. Wonderful list! Grateful that I was able to share some of these moments with you in 2013. Time on the porch with the “girls” was one of my highlights, as well as our day spent at the Gendarmerie. 2014 is sure to be Fabulous!

  4. What amazing experiences! Beautiful photos too! 2013 was a year of many adventures for us – including a couple of European trips – even a roadtrip! I bet 2014 is going to be just as wonderful for you.

  5. What a wonderful year . . . beginning to end! XO

  6. A beautiful year of memories. Hope this one is even better.

  7. Arnot and your watercolors are both very fine 🙂

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