52/52 Project Update

Mar 08

Way back in September I embarked on my 52/52 (52 items for 52 weeks) project. Debbie asked how it was going recently, which motivated me to post about it.

Here’s the short truth: I am bored.

I examined this during a writing session last week, and I realized that I’ve been wearing pretty much the same wardrobe since October 2010. There have been some additions/replacements, but dressing minimally, starting with Project 333, has been a habit for well over three years now. Don’t worry. I’m not rushing out to fill my closet. Instead, I’ll review what I’ve been wearing and push through the boredom.

Of the items on my original 52/52 list, there are several I haven’t worn at all or only once (I won’t include the summer-only clothes since, well, it hasn’t been summer since I started):

  • Eileen Fisher dress (I never bought it!)
  • White blouse (it’s still packed away from summer’s P333)
  • Black tank (I had planned to buy a second, but I don’t need it yet)
  • Black turtleneck (couldn’t decide on one to buy)
  • Chinoa boots (still need repair)

I have added a few things, allowed in my monthly swap rule–two sweaters given to me as Christmas gifts, and a gray dress with elbow-length sleeves.

Over the next week, while I’m on Spring Break, I’ll clean my closet and bureau and decide if this is really project 47/52 or if I want to add items into the mix.

Despite my recent boredom, I continue to prefer dressing with less. Eventually, I’d like to figure out an even smaller year-round wardrobe.

What have you been wearing that you love lately?


  1. Maddie /

    I’ve got a grey hoodie, but the hood is shaped like a cowl, so that it keeps my neck warm on chilly mornings from Sweaty Betty. I live in it, it’s so comfortable, wears well with jeans as well as pre/post run. I’d spent years trying to find something that had a hood and long sleeves with thumb holes.
    I need to go shopping to expand my wardrobe slightly, I seem to have completely run out of skirts. I’m looking forward to updating the capsule wardrobe that I’m settling on. I’ve got black, white, grey, a dusky pink, soft green and pale to mid blue clothes. Not by design, just accident, I kept buying in the same spectrum without realising until I did Project 333. Makes you realise how little you need.

  2. Gina /

    I recently bought a brown jersey faux wrap dress, and I am enjoying it. I have to wear a camisole underneath, but I am able to make it a more transitional item by layering it over short-sleeved and long-sleeved tees.

  3. While I’m not official signed up for 52/52 I dress very minimally. I’m whittling down even more, but may add a colorful scarf, perhaps a skirt for summer. I enjoy going to the close for my same comforting black, gray or brown. My weakness is earrings.

  4. The cats and I wore out my uniqlo cashmere turtlenecks (purchased in 2006, all on sale. YAY!) during this rough winter. Two will be repurposed and the third mended. I just purchased one alpaca blend turtleneck to replace two… it’s not a one-season garment as my chilly basement office has me wearing heavier layers longer than most.

  5. I’m so impressed with your tenacity for sticking with this. I have been sticking with my own little version. I don’t count my items but I assess everything I wear. If I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t love it – I get rid of it. If at any point there is discomfort or a feeling like I’m pulling or pushing material around I know an item isn’t for me.

    I am also not buying stuff. In the past year I have bought a jumper. A single item that I have wanted for a long time. Otherwise I’ve made a wool dress and some sweaters. But, I haven’t felt the pull to buy more. I think my closet is at the right spot right now. I’m not bored with it and yet I know I have room to wiggle. As the seasons change and I move to my summer selection I’ll do the same purge and forward movement of clothing. I love 333 for the guidance it has given me!

  6. Again, I am fascinated and inspired by your project! You’ve given me (yet another!) THING to check out. (Thanks.)

  7. I recently caved and bought a pair of black Uggs. ($ from Christmas gift and birthday gift combined!) They have been a great go-to for heading to the gym early a.m., getting the dog out and quick store runs. I’m guessing I’ll have them for years!

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