Thursday Loves

Jun 05

porchSure, it’s officially still spring, but with grades submitted and my other end-of-semester duties pretty well dispatched (except cleaning my work office. It’s like a library threw up in there. I’ve never allowed a work space to get so sloppy!), it’s time to slow down and call out “Summer’s here!”

Want a peek at what I’ve been loving lately?

1. TTL Mystery Shawl. I’m using Swans Island Fingering (so is Sara…we chose it as a reminder of our time in Maine at Fiber College with lovely Kirsten). This yarn feels great both as I’m knitting and once it is fabric.

2. Crochet! I’ve taught a lot of private crochet lessons this year, and I’ve been working on my Dune shawl. I’ve spent more of my craft time crocheting than knitting. There. The secret is out.

3. Mary’s invitation to play Book Bingo. I’ve been doing so much academic reading lately, and I miss reading texts other than journal articles. I’m well on my way to calling out Bingo. Play along, but know that I’m probably going to win. (Probably. Maybe.)

4. Karina dresses. I’ve said it before, but with Megan and Ruby joining me for my upcoming trip to Scotland and France, I’ll say it again: these dresses make the best travel companions. They are easy to wear, easy to style, easy to care for.

5. Ash Beckham’s Ted Talk. I love her message. I’ve watched this over and over and over.

6. Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers. This recipe is so good. I abhor boxed veggie burgers. I try to avoid soy, and I’m no fan of meat replacements. I haven’t eaten meat in nearly 16 years, and I don’t miss it. I don’t want a fake version of it. If I’m going to have a patty of some sort, I want it to be toothy and flavorful and taste like something. This recipe tastes like something-something GOOD! I usually make the full recipe, cook it all, and freeze the patties I don’t eat. They warm up nicely. I only made the dressing the first time…it’s delicious, but I like the patties on their own.

7. Living Proof products. Sara got me hooked on Amp, and then I got samples of Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Prime Style Extender, and I had a few really good hair days. I’ll be buying full-size products soon!

8. Everything about Carla Sonheim’s work, site, and classes. If you want to have a playful afternoon, take a look at some of her tutorials and mess around with art supplies!

9. Sandra Pawula’s e-course Living with Ease. Give yourself this gift if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

10. Life on the porch! Neal put up the ceiling fan this weekend, and declared the porch finished. I’ve been out there every day, rain or shine, hot or cold (hey, that’s what blankets are for)! It’s like having a vacation home right in my own back yard (well, right off my kitchen).

Spill: what have you been loving?


  1. You inspire me in many ways, and today this post inspired me to do a post of my own! Thank you.

  2. I hear you about your porch! We added a deck last year and it is my oasis after a long day at work. We eat dinner out there every night, listen to music and even dance at times. On weekends I start my day out there. Post pictures please!

  3. Your links have just sent me down a rabbit hole! (In the best possible way.) Thanks for the connections and inspiration!

  4. I love THat TED talk> Thanks Bev.
    I love my porch too

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