Fiber College 2014

Sep 15

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend in Maine, where breezes blow in from the bay, wafting curtains, dappling the sunshine.

breezeThis was my second year teaching Savvy Storytelling with Gale Zucker at Fiber College. We worked hard. Our students worked hard. But I’d be hard put to imagine any of us felt like work was happening.

From left: Gale, Jani, me. Photo by Kirsten Kapur

From left: Gale, Jani, me. Photo by Kirsten Kapur

You can see what I mean. Gale’s a terrific photography teacher. Here she showed the class how props can transform an ugly corner into a story-telling background. Jani was a good sport, letting the students boss her around as she modeled Kirsten’s newly released Duane Park Triangle shawl.

I look forward to Fiber College, not just for the groovy vibe, the chance to learn and teach and fondle fiber, but for the excuse to live in my dream house for a weekend. The cottage is amazing, but what makes it a dream house is sharing it with smart, funny, caring, creative women. If I didn’t share the little ranch in the woods with Neal, sharing the cottage on the bay with Gale, Kirsten, Cal, Amy, Mary Lou, Jani, and Ellen would be my next-perfect arrangement.

Several of us, upon realizing that ’twas blogs what brought us together have decided to bring back the blog. Sure, we love our short forms of social media, but we want a return to long form conversation. So, I’ll take up the question Kirsten posed: what blogs should go on my feed?

Next time: sewing! More sewing!


  1. I’m sitting here listening to sirens surrounded by piles of work that need my attention, wishing I was back in Maine with those billowing curtains, and 7 inspiring women!

    Some favorite blogs that I’ve only just discovered: Love and Olive Oil (delicious recipes, beautifully photographed), Dottie Angel, and Ella Gordon (the last two are crafty, knitting/sewing blogs).

  2. aaahhhh take me back too! I am trying to write a post about Fiber College right now, but do not have the skills to streamline it. I sound insane.
    I’ve been getting fabulous blog suggestions. I love Attic24, the home of amazing granny square crochet (patterns, projects and tutorials and explosions of color)
    also Elizabeth Green Musselman’s blog regularly features roundups of knits for men, I love me a roundup!She blogs a Dark Matter Knits

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you all are re-committing to blogging! Hooray! Do you read Kym of Stepping Away from the Edge? She’s wonderful.

  4. oh my I’m green with envy about that weekend… and so happy to see a few of you (I’ve followed Kirsten, too, for years) re-committing to the whole blogging thing. I’ve done the same myself lately and it’s a lot of fun!

  5. Someday… Fiber College is definitely on my list!! Happy to see the return to blogging.

  6. You, Gale and Kirsten (along with so many others) had a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Wow! Sounds like the BEST kind of college! Thanks for sharing your experience — and the recommitment to blogging. Love these kinds of conversations. . .

  8. One of these years I need to sign up and go to Fiber College. Looks like a blast!

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