Book Review and Give Away

Oct 31

One of my favorite spaces online is Crystal Moody’s Year of Creative Habits. Crystal’s posts are thoughtful, educational, inspiring. Her FaceBook group is one of only a few in which I find myself actively participating–she’s created an encouraging space for fellow creative folks.

A few months back, Crystal sent me an extra copy of Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest that will Bring Purpose to Your Life. I read it as I ate breakfast each morning–it’s easy enough to pick up and put down when you want something to read for a short while. I found myself inspired by the variety of quests he shares, his own included. The book is less of a blueprint (because your quest won’t be the same as the quests in the book), and more of an encouragement to live the damn life you crave, even if that means doing something a bit off the map.

I’m a woman who loves a project. I enjoy testing my ability to do something for a sustained period, to challenge what I think I can do and push through to what I can actually do. Guillebeau’s book reminded me: do that more.

To build on the creative spirit and generosity that prompted Crystal to send me the book, I’d like to pass it along to one of you, my dear readers, with the condition that after you read it, you do the same.

If you’re interested, leave a comment telling me about a quest you’ve undertaken or long to undertake. Next Wednesday I’ll randomly pick a name and mail the book to you next Friday.

ETA: Kym is the book winner! Thanks to all who left comments–your quests are terrific!


  1. Yarnyoldkim /

    A quest I’ve undertaken is to become a roller derby skater. I’ve never been an athlete and the whole idea of roller derby intrigued and scared me. It definitely challenged me physically and mentally. It’s taken me three years, but last April I skated in my first bout and have made the roster twice since then. I just turned 49 yesterday and I’m going to keep playing roller derby until I physically can’t.
    A quest I am just starting on is to move toward a more simple life. That requires getting rid of debt, learning to deal with money differently, planning for an exit from the desk job and devoting myself to more creative pursuits. Why that’s a long comment!

  2. My quest for this weekend is to get everything done before leaving for the UK – not very exciting but can’t think outside that particular box. Anything in Edinburgh that’s a must see/do from your recent experience?

  3. I am launching an undefined quest of my own! I’ve just given notice at my job, and come January 1, I will be Figuring Out What Next.

  4. My quest is figuring out what to do in retirement – it’s been three years, and I don’t have a direction. The book would be handy – thanks for the opportunity, and the recommendation.

  5. I’m never not on a quest!

    I’m questing on finishing my book in 2015. I’m questing on getting paid to write. I’m questing on getting paid to speak about art therapy and the brain.

    Basically, I’m still questing to have my own dream career that I am in charge of!

  6. Corey Gafnea /

    My family and I had been on a quest to move from a really big city to a small town. Eighteen months ago we moved to a town of less than 9,000 people. I think we would spent our lives wondering “what if”, had we not tried it. So far it’s been a journey and an adventure. I’m so glad we took the risk. And now I’m on a quest to live life more simply. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.


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