Oct 13

cake 1 It was a special weekend at Chez Golightly. My oldest sister turns, well, a milestone age next month, and since fall break gave many of us a long weekend, we gathered from different parts of the country to celebrate.

We enjoyed dinner at Bricco Trattoria on Saturday evening, all of the siblings, my parents, and a few of my sister’s long-time friends (note, I avoid saying oldest) sharing stories and a lot of laughs.

I woke up early on Sunday to bake my sister’s birthday cake. I used this lemon ricotta cake recipe, leaving off the lemon curd.

cake 2Only one small piece remained. I think it was a hit!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. That sounds like such fun and I bet the cake was delicious!

  2. Happy birthday to your experienced sister! That cake looks delicious. I hosted a far-flung cousins gathering today, which was lovely. Bonus of a clean house and good leftovers (except the pie, they literally licked the plate).

  3. Perfect fall weekend – I rode in the woods, attended a fantastic chamber music concert, and baked a half-assed apple tart with some puff pastry from the freezer. But butter, apples, sugar, what’s not to like. That cake looks delicious from here.

  4. family celebrations are so special – looks like yours was a success (cake included)…but I really loved the pumpkin hat (and baby!) best!!

  5. oh my goodness. i LOVE cake, and that one looks divine! what a good sister you are. can’t wait to see you THIS weekend!!!

  6. Oh that cake looks scrumptious! Glad you got to get together as a family and enjoy. Those are the best times!

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