VK Live Recap

Jan 26

VK Live collage

Just after the Fiber College high started to wear off, Kirsten had a good idea: who wants to come to NYC for Vogue Knitting Live? I did, of course!

I took two classes: Scandinavian Colorwork with Mary Jane Mucklestone and Designing Knitted Tessellations with Franklin Habit.

The colorwork class was fun. I learned a new-to-me way of knitting garter stitch in the round, and Mary Jane is a dynamo, full of knowledge and humor. The tessellations class? Well, let’s just say that a number of postcards reflect my recently acquired interest in tessellations. Franklin made math fun. I took a class with him in 2012, and my feelings about his teaching remain the same.

The classes weren’t the only terrific parts of the weekend. There was glorious food, terrific company, and the pop-up shop of the year: I could practically smell the ocean with every skein of Starcroft yarn I held. The yarn is special in so many ways, not the least of which is that Jani’s smart, practical, funny spirit saturates it like the gorgeous colors she dyes.

When my Saturday class ended, Beverly and I hopped down to le pop-up, and what a treat to hang out, get advice on color from Mary Jane and Kirsten, and crochet surrounded by Gale’s photos which are, as always, amazing.

Want to see what I crocheted? I’ll post a new FO later this week!


  1. Sounds ideal!

  2. Still working out what I’m going to make with my Starcroft stash. It must be something extra special.

    Hoping I actually get to take Franklin’s class next year. Dying to try my hand at tessellations.

  3. Le sigh. I can fondle my yarn, at least. I think I need more colors, though.

  4. Friends, classes, good food, and great yarn! Sounds like the perfect weekend getaway.

  5. That was a wonderful recap of a wonderful weekend. I wish I had signed up for Mary Jane’s class before it sold out!

  6. sounds like a blast! SO wish i coulda been there too, but alas, cloning and teleportation are still a year or two away. glad you had fun!!! i adore MJM.

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