2015 Craft Friday

Nov 13

Abingdon shawl by Through the Loops

Abingdon shawl by Through the Loops

Like many of you, I refuse to participate in Black Friday. I don’t like the pressure to participate in rushing around to get “deals” on things no one needs. For a number of years I’ve opted out of the frenzy, and in 2013, I declared that in my world, Black Friday has been re-branded. It’s now Craft Friday!

There’s been a swell of folks who enjoy spending the day after Thanksgiving crafting for loved ones or their favorite charities. I want all of us to feel that swell, to enjoy our community of crafters.

Want to join? Here are some ways:

Pinterest Craft Friday Board  (feel free to follow it, or follow me and ask to join the board if you want to pin on it). Tag your pins #CraftFriday

Twitter (again, tag related tweets with #CraftFriday).

Join the Flickr Group. Tag your Instagram posts with #CraftFriday

This weekend, I’m making two lists: folks to whom I want to give a gift, and hand made gift ideas. I’ll stash dive and then make a supply list and start shopping at non-big-box stores to gather all the goods I need for Craft Friday.

Let me know if you’re in by leaving a comment. And if you have a blog, write a declaration–you don’t have to spill the beans about what you’re going to make if your recipients read the blog, but how about you share WHY you’re inspired to make instead of shop? We’ll have a Craft Friday Declaration Post Party on Friday, November 27, and I’ll add a link round up here so you can feel the support and love of our community.

You in? Yeah, I figured you would be.



  1. I’m in. (I’ve been thinking this through for quite a few weeks now. I’m ready.)

  2. You know I’m in. Now I just have to plan a post. Or a giveaway.

    • Oh, a giveaway is a great idea! I’m going to have to do some stash diving to see if I can put one together, too!

  3. I’m in. I hate everything about Black Friday. I’m excited to participate in something special like this.

  4. I’m in! And I hope it snows all day! 🙂

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