Get Ready for Craft Friday!

Nov 20

fabricWe’re only a week away from the rebellious extravaganza that is CRAFT FRIDAY!

With a few years of Craft Friday experience, I thought I’d share some preparation tips:

  1. Make a recipient list: who is worthy of your hand made lovelies?
  2. Get inspired: I love looking through the Craft Friday Pinterest board. Let me know if you’d like to join the pinning fun!
  3. Decide on a craft or two: last year Neal and I made watercolor journals and watercolor kits out of Altoid tins. We spent the entire day in production mode and at the end of it had great gifts to share with some special people. This year I’ll be doing lots of stitching.
  4. Get your supplies ahead of time: I’m putting a call in to my favorite fabric store tomorrow to get my Craft Friday order placed.
  5. Set up a Craft-In: I’ve invited local friends and family to stop by on Craft Friday for a little bit of making. I’m sure I’ll be inspired by their projects!
  6. Prepare good snacks: Once you’re in making mode, you won’t want to stop to fix lunch or dinner. I’m going to make a crock pot lentil stew and have lots of non-messy snacks ready for anyone who stops by to craft with me.

Be sure to check out Mary Lou’s Craft Friday giveaway post! Who knows, maybe pumpkin yarn is exactly the right supply for your Craft Friday endeavors! I’m not sure I’d give away whatever I made with that gorgeous yarn!

Here are a few more ways you can participate:

Twitter (tag related tweets with #CraftFriday).

Join the Flickr Group. Tag your Instagram posts with #CraftFriday

This weekend, I’m making two lists: folks to whom I want to give a gift, and hand made gift ideas. I’ll stash dive and then make a supply list and start shopping at non-big-box stores to gather all the goods I need for Craft Friday.

Let me know if you’re in by leaving a comment. And if you have a blog, write a declaration–you don’t have to spill the beans about what you’re going to make if your recipients read the blog, but how about you share WHY you’re inspired to make instead of shop? We’ll have a Craft Friday Declaration Post Party on Friday, November 27, and I’ll add a link round up here so you can feel the support and love of our community.

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