Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Things Edition

Feb 23

bookI do love lists of favorite things–both writing my own and reading yours–so when Carole sent out this week’s Ten on Tuesday prompt, excitement abounded!

  1. Yoga with Adriene. After too many years away from a regular home yoga practice, my friend Sarah suggested I might like these videos. Adriene is generous with free videos and does a really good job explaining poses in a way that means I often don’t have to look at the video. She’s funny, too.
  2. UNM’s Rananim online writing workshop. I’m taking poetry with Sawnie Morris. My original intention was to develop poetry skills to write better prose (the poets always write the prettiest sentences, don’t they?), but here’s what I learned: I love writing poetry! If you’ve been wanting to take an online writing workshop, I recommend Rananim. The next semester starts in April. Join me?
  3. Better Call Saul. Did you love Breaking Bad as much as I did? My vet recommended Better Call Saul, and we tore through it during the deep freeze weekend recently.
  4. Alabama Chanin Host a Party. I’ve gathered together a group of awesome stitchers who are going to sew swing skirts with me. The lovely folks at Alabama Chanin answered about a zillion questions from me and made organizing the party a breeze. I can’t wait for us to start stitching!
  5. Wurm hats in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy. Last week I met up with Gale at Knit New Haven, saw a few Wurms (New Haven’s au courant knitting project) in Crazy and succumbed. You should probably call and order a skein.
  6. Strommen Bruk Hamar sewing box. I bought a small one–probably for a child–on ebay last year. It traveled down from Maine and was in rough shape. Earlier this month Neal made restoring it his project. I nearly swoon every time I open it!
  7. A Trail Through Leaves by Hannah Hinchman. Even if you’re not into drawing and nature journaling, the book is filled with beautifully written observations and excellent illustrations. My pal Jan recommended it to me, and I am so grateful. Hinchman’s nature journals reflect what I hope to create.
  8. Warmer air. Sure, it has been a mild winter, but it ain’t over yet. We had that snow and deep freeze last week followed by a warmer weekend. Every minute I get to sit on the stoop or porch–no matter how bundled up I am–is a favorite minute!
  9. Craftwork Somerville. I’m taking the Folk Dress workshop with dear, talented Cal, and I can’t wait. It isn’t just the awesome selection of classes, though. Amy Lou’s newsletter is chock full of cool info. You should probably sign up for it.
  10. Textillia. I joined right away as soon as the site launched and am slowly learning my way around it. Picture our beloved Ravelry for the sewing crowd.

How about you? Tell me about your favorite things!


  1. You have composed the most beautifully delightful list of favorites. Yoga with Adriene looks like the perfect introduction I need, and I’m fairly sure that I may also need a skein of Crazy and A Trail Through Leaves. Thank you!

  2. Adrienne is who got me hooked on yoga! She is absolutely the best! I concur!

    And, yes, Textillia is awesome. I really love your list! So many good things!!

  3. Thank you for telling me about Textillia! I’m going to spend some time there today. Wish I could have joined your AC party…being 6′ tall can be a drag.

  4. Grrrr… I really want a skein of crazy now. I love how it looks in a Worm. Which, incidentally, is a great hat pattern. You have lots of good things on your list!

  5. I was thinking about a Wurm hat but then I bought a hat in NYC so now I can knit something else! LOL. Great list, Bev!

  6. I keep thinking I should try a Wurm; that yarn is yummy for it!

    I will have to try the yoga videos.

  7. Awesome list – full of inspiring ideas! thank you for sharing all the links!

  8. Textillia!! That’s so awesome… thank you! Cannot wait to begin sewing. Thanks for that, too. 😉

  9. Now I’m looking at those sewing boxes on Etsy!

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