Ten on Tuesday: Holiday Weekend Edition

May 31

waterThe long weekend seemed longer than usual! Carole asked about weekend fun, so here’s my list:

  1. Visited Shakespeare’s First Folio at Amherst College. Yup, Folger Library created a project that sends First Folios all around the country. You can see when it is visiting a space near you on their tour list. I sorta want a concert shirt for this one.
  2. Got hissed at by an opossum while hiking with Oskar and Coco. (I hate that this one is being laughed at, but I wanted you to understand the experience. So let’s pretend it isn’t in a cage and that both human and dogs are walking away with Great Respect.)
  3. Reached day 150 of daily (at home) yoga practice. I am so glad Sarah told me about Yoga with Adriene. I really love Adriene’s practices and sense of humor.
  4. Cut out a Sorbetto tank. The pattern is well written and free! It’s great for any level, and cool variations abound.
  5. Made the yummy Smitten Kitchen broccoli slaw. Even though I did not win a prize with it at my recent family reunion, it is a prize-worthy dish!
  6. Napped.
  7. Picked out my yarn for the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl 2016–I’ll share my pick in another post. Are you joining in on this annual delight?
  8. Sipped cold beverages on the porch. I did not, though, have my first G&T of the season. Maybe next weekend. Honestly, it was so hot so quickly that all I wanted was water!
  9. Visited…a working visit with my MotherShould? co-editor, an impromptu visit with my friend Leah during which we talked about poetry (I’m still writing it–nearly done with my second round of Rananim workshops with Sawnie Morris), an informative visit with my folks–my aunt has created a beautiful family history album, and she sent dad a chunk of it that includes some great pictures, and a fun visit with my mother-in-law, who loves to laugh, just like her son does!
  10. Picked out the dress I’m going to make for my brother’s wedding in September. Let’s just say Alabama Chanin had a sale, and I snapped up supplies! It’s a good thing Vicki had her color cards at the ready to help me figure out what I wanted!

How about you? What fun did you have this weekend?


  1. I am knitting the TTL Mystery shawl too! Excited for cast on tomorrow! Alabama Chanin! OOOH! I am excited to see this come together! As for the weekend, we gardened to within an inch of our lives… seriously. Steve and I are both groaning today, lol.

  2. Lots of good things happening there Bev! I’m looking forward to seeing your yarn for the KAL. 🙂

  3. Those all sound like great activities but I think my favorite is #6.

  4. I’m so happy I was able to help you out with those color swatches! I can’t wait to see what you make.

    Sounds like a great weekend, Beverly! I, too, am partial to #6. 😉

  5. I think napping is an important part of every long weekend.

  6. I feel my resolve weakening. . . I was not going to knit the Through the Loops MKAL this year, even though I’ve enjoyed it very much for the past two years. More and more people are doing it. Do I join you???? I will say yes to the nap. My husband and I both fell asleep Monday afternoon, a consequence of full long weekend.

  7. Sounds like a delightful weekend!

  8. Your weekend sounds fabulous. Thank you for the link to the Folio tour (I want a t-shirt, too!). It will be in my neighborhood in October! Looking forward to seeing all you have in store, both knitting and sewing!

  9. My beloved mare Holley was pretty fearless. Till we encountered a hissing possum in the woods one day. I don’t think she had ever seen one before. They are not so common here, but numbers as increasing and the climate changes. Ick. In NJ we used to see them dead on the road mostly.

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