Craft Friday: Gathering

Nov 21

suppliesIt’s one of my favorite weeks of the year! Thanksgiving is a terrific holiday: who can’t use a little extra dose of gratitude these days? AND Thanksgiving also means: Craft Friday!

Every day this week, I’ll post tips to make your own Craft Friday a fun-filled, productive day.

Today’s tip: Gather Supplies!

Once you’ve figured out what you want to make (check out the Craft Friday Pinterest board for ideas), take a supply inventory–what do you have? What do you need?

Stop by your local yarn, fabric, or other supply store (hey, just a thought–rather than get supplies at a big box craft store, support the indies near you. That’s a total Craft Friday rebellion move!) and get what you need! I placed an order with my favorite fabric shop and have been to Marji’s several times for yarny supplies.

Make sure to print off any patterns that you’ll use ahead of time, too.

Take a gander at previous Craft Friday posts, and let me know what you’re planning to make…unless it’s super duper secret, and you don’t want little pitchers with big eyes to read about it!

Want to join? Here are some ways:

Be sure to tag your social media posts #CraftFriday. Are you in? Let me know in the comments!

One comment

  1. I’m having the usual problem of planning waaaay too many ideas for Friday–I should probably just focus on what is already started…and finish them!

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