Craft Friday: Prepping and Provisioning

Nov 23

pieOops! I was so fixed on prepping and provisioning yesterday that I forgot to post! Well, here’s a double dose of Craft Friday tips, then.


Get that yarn wound. Wash and prep the fabric. Trace and cut patterns. Dig out the needles, the glue gun, the bag of embroidery thread. In other words, don’t spend precious crafting time on Friday getting your supplies ready. In between zesting oranges for cranberry sauce and rolling out pie dough, take a little moment here and there to do what you must to hit the crafting ground running!


The last thing I want to do on Craft Friday = food prep. I’ve done enough all week, thankyouverymuch! But I also want to have something to serve Craft Friday peeps who swing by to stitch with me…something that is not left overs. Sure, leftovers are terrific, but a little change is, too. Thursday night, after the dishes are dried and the food’s tucked away in the fridge, I’ll toss together a slow cooker lentil stew for Friday’s lunch.

And I have no doubt that the pie leftovers won’t be entirely unwelcome!

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