NaBloPoMo: Breakfast

Nov 07

When I was in my early 30s I found out I had borderline high cholesterol. It was a wake up call to get more deliberate about my health, and I paid attention. I lost about 35 pounds and changed my eating habits. One habit stuck with me for about 16 years…almost every day I ate the same cereal breakfast.

I like routines, especially routines that make mornings easier. So when I started the Whole Life Challenge and saw that cereal was non-compliant, I freaked a little. I’ll be honest. I sort of depend on eating that same breakfast every day. It frees me to think about other things when I’m freshly awake.

A friend suggested I replace it with compliant oatmeal, which I scoffed at, having always found myself hungry not long after eating oatmeal. But then I caved. I bought a tin of steel cut oats.

And I was hooked. Reader, I married him  have a new breakfast! Here’s how I make it– and it’s nearly as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal! The key thing: I make it in the crock pot–4.5 cups of water to 1 cup of steel cut oats. I put it on high for two hours (at about 9 p.m.), and then turn it down to warm for the rest of the night. This makes four servings, so I only have to do it twice a week.

To make it seem like a real treat, I chop up an apple and sauté in a little coconut oil (good fat, yo) with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves over it. I add a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds (zinc, yo) to my bowl, pour on the oatmeal, top it with warm apple, drizzle on a little cashew milk.

And that is my new breakfast routine. Okay, your turn: what’s your go-to healthy breakfast?

P.S. I now refill the lovely McCann tin with steel cut oats bought at less than half the price at my health food store!


  1. I love steel cut oats but I tend to not have them very often because they are time consuming. I like your crockpot idea, though! My go-to healthy breakfast is homemade greek yogurt with honey and granola. I add fresh fruit if we have it, too.

  2. YUM! i love them too, and i’m gonna try them in the crock pot! we love them with a friend egg on top, and some Bragg’s and a dash of sriracha. but i also do love them with fruit/nuts/honey/yogurt… can’t wait to see what else you have in store for NBPM ;n)

  3. I converted to steel cut oats this year too after never eating any cereal as an adult. Get this book from your library check out the Morning Glory oatmeal. So delicious with carrots and raisins cooked in part nut milk. I usually have overnight uncooked oats and am a huge fan of adding a few dried cranberries and roasted pecans. The fried apples are going to be the next thing I try.

  4. I love steel cut oats! We cook them in the rice cooker, 1 cup oats with 3 cups water; it takes about an hour. Then we put it in the fridge and use it all week. I like mine with blueberries (our crop lives in the freezer). A bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, almond milk. Yum!

  5. I do the same refilling because I love the tin. I’ve thought about making a really big batch and freezing portions. Discuss.

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