NaBloPoMo: Hygge

Nov 08

We’ve been spoiled this autumn with mild temps. Today was the first really chilly morning when I hiked with Oskar. Kind of wishing I’d made knitting a pair of fingerless mitts a summer priority! The forecast shows temps dropping like a stone tossed from a bridge, which makes me pretty grateful Neal spent a lot of time chopping and stacking wood this spring!

Time to break out all the hygge goodness–candles, fireplace, cozy pjs, tea, knitting…what says hygge to you?

P.S. A Very Hygge Thing to me is Craft Friday…which is just around the corner! Stay tuned to read all about it!


  1. Last winter my huge initiative was getting a dozen or so remote control but realistic looking candles that I lit every day at dusk all over the living room . I think I’m firing them up for the season this week.

  2. Hygge is definitely all about the candles around here!

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