NaBloPoMo: Hygge

Nov 08

We’ve been spoiled this autumn with mild temps. Today was the first really chilly morning when I hiked with Oskar. Kind of wishing I’d made knitting a pair of fingerless mitts a summer priority! The forecast shows temps dropping like a stone tossed from a bridge, which makes me pretty grateful Neal spent a lot of time chopping and stacking wood this spring!

Time to break out all the hygge goodness–candles, fireplace, cozy pjs, tea, knitting…what says hygge to you?

P.S. A Very Hygge Thing to me is Craft Friday…which is just around the corner! Stay tuned to read all about it!


  1. Last winter my huge initiative was getting a dozen or so remote control but realistic looking candles that I lit every day at dusk all over the living room . I think I’m firing them up for the season this week.

  2. Hygge is definitely all about the candles around here!

  3. Hygge is a big thing for me, inherited from my Danish mum. I often describe it as an enviromental hug and in our house it involves snuggly socks, candles, hot beverages of many sorts and posing as a internally heated cat cushion. In fact I have a hyggeligt cat, if he feels the hygge is insufficient he will pointed look from me to the candles and back until they are lit and then he will bask in the glow 🙂

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