NaBloPoMo: Whole Life Challenge

Nov 06

A FaceBook friend mentioned back in September that she was going to participate in the Whole Life Challenge for the next eight weeks, and was I interested in playing along? As long-time readers know, I am always game for a project.

Halfway into the challenge, I started an elimination diet in an effort to reset my system and see if I could make some dietary changes to alleviate a few minor health issues.

Both of these challenges are coming to a close this week. I’ve given up coffee, alcohol (the easiest one for me), nightshades, gluten, dairy, chocolate (the second easiest). Not since I became a vegetarian in 1998 have I navigated so many changes in my eating habits. It’s been really good for my health (the motivation for increasing water consumption, as well as getting to bed at an earlier hour), and shaking up my eating habits has felt like a spring cleaning and like I’ve managed to make eating more fun.

I’m considering making the no-coffee a permanent thing. I’m not sure just yet. I’m over the cravings and headaches, but I miss the ritual.

How about you? What have you changed in your diet lately that’s made you feel better?


  1. Can I say the same thing I said the other day? Making my own lunch!

  2. I avoid processed sugar, which made a huge difference in my overall feeling-of-well-being. I have never been much of a coffee-drinker, although I do enjoy the ritual of starting my day with a cup. (But I don’t have more than that one cup.)

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