NaBloPoMo: Yoga

Nov 02

Earlier today I did my 676th consecutive yoga practice. Way back at the end of 2015, I decided to get back into having a home practice as I had in the late 90s, early 2000s. At first, when I didn’t want to get on the mat, I’d say to myself, “today’s not the day I’m going to break my streak.” It worked, I guess. Now it’s pretty rare for me to drag myself to the mat; it’s usually a part of my daily routine I anticipate.

Not every practice is a long one. On days when I’m really crunched, I may do a 20 minute practice and remind myself that it is the habit of getting on the mat that matters to me. If I can get on the mat, no matter the amount of time, I will feel better.

I can’t imagine anyone interested in yoga hasn’t heard of Yoga with Adriene or the Find What Feels Good kula…but just in case you haven’t, go on and take a look. Adriene does an excellent job guiding with her voice so you don’t feel glued to the videos, and her explanations of poses are super.

Let me know what long-time practices you have going on!


  1. That’s an impressive number of consecutive days!

  2. I begin each day with a series of sun salutations. Sometimes they are a rather short series, but daily nonetheless. It’s a great way to welcome the day. XO

  3. That’s so inspiring ! Thanks for sharing what you said to get yourself going on the streak.

  4. Laurie /

    Love love love YWA. Caught her roadshow when she was in town! Haven’t counted my consecutive days of practice but it has been my go-to exercise. I also try to get to one public class a week (hot yoga!).

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