NaBloPoMo: Water

Nov 03

While I prioritize my health (physical and mental) when making decisions and strive to cultivate habits that support my health, there has been one area that eluded me: I never drink enough water. Neal guzzles it down, but I’ve never managed to get my daily dose in me.

Here’s how that has (mostly) changed. First, I joined the Whole Life Challenge, and one of the ways to earn points is through hydration. I like earning points, so I put in some effort. The other change was to purchase a cuppow lid and metal straws. Now I take my festively dressed mason jar with me everywhere and sip all those OZs my body needs.

Am I perfect about this every day? Not at all, but considering how little water I drank about eight weeks ago, I’m pleased with my progress. What little changes with a big impact have you made lately?


  1. I love a glass of water and always have one nearby. One small thing I’ve done lately is to plan and prepare meals to take for lunch. It’s been a great chance to make things Dale won’t eat (like red beans and rice or corn chowder) and I make a batch and freezer containers and it’s made it SO much easier when lunch time rolls around.

  2. I am the same way about water, Beverly! Despite my best intentions, I’m just never consistent about drinking enough water. I put an app on my Apple watch, and that helps — although the reminders drive me crazy most days. Maybe what I really need is a granny square cozy on my water bottle. . .

  3. I’ve gotten better about water, but still find I’m better at the office than at home. Right now I’m trying meditation.

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