NaBloPoMo: Veggies!

Nov 05

Yesterday was the first pick up for my fall / winter CSA share. A long-time local pal turned me on to this CSA last year, and in the few weeks since my summer CSA ended, I’ve been moping around waiting for it to start.

We’ve improved our cold storage for squash and root veggies since losing a bit of produce last winter. We’re going to need more storage at this rate, though! How do you handle cold storage?

One of my favorite things about CSAs, no matter what season? Sharing the produce with my dear MIL and having her say, “that carrot (or tomato or onion or peach) tasted like a real carrot (or tomato or onion or peach).” I just love sharing the pleasure of locally, organically grown veggies with her!

P.S. Ignore the fact that I forgot to post yesterday! 


  1. I’d love to have a fall/winter CSA! What a great idea. (We do have a farmer’s market that continues until it can’t, so we do still have a source for locally grown produce. Which is nice.) We use a corner of our garage for cold storage — both produce AND beer. . . 😉

  2. Our mudroom generally works well for cold storage, I’ve had good luck with squash out there. We do have a fall/early winter CSA around us but the pick up times just aren’t convenient enough for it to work for us.

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