VK Live Recap

Jan 26

VK Live collage

Just after the Fiber College high started to wear off, Kirsten had a good idea: who wants to come to NYC for Vogue Knitting Live? I did, of course!

I took two classes: Scandinavian Colorwork with Mary Jane Mucklestone and Designing Knitted Tessellations with Franklin Habit.

The colorwork class was fun. I learned a new-to-me way of knitting garter stitch in the round, and Mary Jane is a dynamo, full of knowledge and humor. The tessellations class? Well, let’s just say that a number of postcards reflect my recently acquired interest in tessellations. Franklin made math fun. I took a class with him in 2012, and my feelings about his teaching remain the same.

The classes weren’t the only terrific parts of the weekend. There was glorious food, terrific company, and the pop-up shop of the year: I could practically smell the ocean with every skein of Starcroft yarn I held. The yarn is special in so many ways, not the least of which is that Jani’s smart, practical, funny spirit saturates it like the gorgeous colors she dyes.

When my Saturday class ended, Beverly and I hopped down to le pop-up, and what a treat to hang out, get advice on color from Mary Jane and Kirsten, and crochet surrounded by Gale’s photos which are, as always, amazing.

Want to see what I crocheted? I’ll post a new FO later this week!

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NYC Pop Up Yarn!

Jan 12

StarcroftKnitters! Crocheters! If you’re in NYC this week, you’re in for a treat (and, hey, a lot of you will be there because VKLive!)

For the first time, Jani of Starcroft yarn brings her beautiful yarn to the big city. You can find her and the yarn of your dreams at lf8elevate January 13-18, 80 East 7th St., between 1st and 2nd Ave. I’m especially excited to pick up a few skeins of the new DK yarn, Tide.

This isn’t just any pop-up shop, though. C’mon, knitters are involved. Thursday 6-9 p.m. and Saturday 3-6 p.m. drop by for knitting gatherings with Jani and Kay and Gale and all the fabulous people. Gale’s photographs will be available, too…check out more details here.

This morning, I wound a skein of Starcroft’s Nash Island Light. I’ll be swatching for the sweetest sweater, Ellen Mason’s Lorna Suzanne. Yarn and pattern match perfection!

Hope to see you at the pop-up!


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2015 Postcard Project

Dec 29

postcardproject Well, hi there! How did your holidays go? I hope you enjoyed lots of festivities and that your crafting was delightful!

I’m gearing up for the new year, thinking and journaling about my love list. Every summer I pull out my watercolors and pencils and endeavor to improve my art skills. I have a ball, and I see progress. Then the semester begins, and I put away the tools and supplies that have given me such joy.

Near the top of my love list is this: I would love to make art every day. Another item: I would love to spread more joy in the world.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, those items, mashed up, lead to something better than the parts:

The 2015 Postcard Project

Here’s my idea. I’ll aim to create a postcard every day in 2015. Each will be a little artistic endeavor in which I play with lines, color, whatever moves me. I’ll write a note about my world, and I’ll mail it off. To you, if you like, and to 364 other lovely people around the world.

Want a postcard? Fill out this form. I pinky promise I won’t use your address in any other way or share it with anyone. Know someone who might enjoy a postcard? Please send them over!

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Craft Friday Link Party

Nov 28

Happy Craft Friday!

I’m excited about the number of us who are crafting instead of shopping today. I knew I wasn’t alone in shunning Black Friday, and I figured I wasn’t the only crafter who spends the day making rather than buying~but, wow! Is it ever exciting to see our revolution take off!

Today, I invite you to write a declaration–post what feels right to you. Maybe:

  • why you’re rejecting Black Friday
  • what you love to craft for the holidays
  • your history of crafting gifts (did you start as a kid? a college student?)
  • your manifesto about crafting rather than buying

Email a link to your blog post to me at pomogolightlyATgmail.com, and I’ll add links throughout the day to this post and share them on FaceBook and Twitter. On Instagram? Take sneak peek pictures of your crafting and post them using #CraftFriday.

To start off the link party, take a look at these terrific posts:

Kirsten from Through the Loops invites you to Craft Friday with a 50% off mitts and mittens gift.

MaryLou explores the magic of making and shopping your stash.

Margene shares that even “selfish” crafters can be part of the rebellion.

Earth Chick connects crafting and gratitude.

Earlier this week I called and ordered fabric from Clementine, and Leah shared that the shop is taking up Craft Friday. Lisa at Flying Goat Farm is, too. What about your local shop?

Oh, my declaration? Of course.

It’s been a dozen years since I last shopped on Black Friday. Most years I’ve visited family or friends, spent time knitting or sewing or crocheting, or written the first of my holiday greeting cards. The rejection of Black Friday didn’t start off that way; different priorities begged my attention, and I obliged. I’m relieved, though, not to feel the compulsion to get the best dealor beat the crowds.

This year, it seems more important to me to craft conscientiously on 11/28. I detest that some big box stores start Black Friday on Thanksgiving day. I’m baffled by the need and desire to shop on a day set aside for gratitude. The things don’t matter. People matter.

And crafting is a way for me to honor the people I love, to offer them something beautiful, to step away from crass consumerism. I like to buy my supplies from indy merchants, and I like to focus my mind on the person for whom I’m creating as I knit or paint or stitch. It matters to me that layers of love and good wishes are built into whatever I’m creating.

So for me, Craft Friday is about pushing back against what the commercials urge me to do. It’s about thoughtfulness and mindfulness. It’s about fun. It’s about the people I love.

Thanks for reading my declaration. Be sure to share yours! Viva la Craft Friday!

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Provisioning for Craft Friday

Nov 24

On Friday I posted a few of my favorite supply sources. Today I want to talk about another way to get ready for Craft Friday. My plan for the day looks like this:

  • Get up.
  • Stitch for a while.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Hike with the mutts so they will snooze away the rest of the day.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Craft. Craft. Craft.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Craft a while longer.

Notice a pattern? As much eating as crafting? The crafting must be fueled, right? To facilitate the fueling without impeding on crafting time, I’ll make food ahead of time. I’m not cooking for Thanksgiving, but I’ll be cooking for Craft Friday–making cranberry sauce to put on grilled cheese (Try this. Seriously.) and simmering up a pot of tomato soup. I’ve got a jar of salsa my brother’s girlfriend gave me that will add a taste of summer to lunchtime nachos. And if I’m lucky, my hosts for Thanksgiving might send me home with a few leftovers to enjoy the next day.

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