NaBloPoMo: Whole Life Challenge

Nov 06

A FaceBook friend mentioned back in September that she was going to participate in the Whole Life Challenge for the next eight weeks, and was I interested in playing along? As long-time readers know, I am always game for a project.

Halfway into the challenge, I started an elimination diet in an effort to reset my system and see if I could make some dietary changes to alleviate a few minor health issues.

Both of these challenges are coming to a close this week. I’ve given up coffee, alcohol (the easiest one for me), nightshades, gluten, dairy, chocolate (the second easiest). Not since I became a vegetarian in 1998 have I navigated so many changes in my eating habits. It’s been really good for my health (the motivation for increasing water consumption, as well as getting to bed at an earlier hour), and shaking up my eating habits has felt like a spring cleaning and like I’ve managed to make eating more fun.

I’m considering making the no-coffee a permanent thing. I’m not sure just yet. I’m over the cravings and headaches, but I miss the ritual.

How about you? What have you changed in your diet lately that’s made you feel better?

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NaBloPoMo: Veggies!

Nov 05

Yesterday was the first pick up for my fall / winter CSA share. A long-time local pal turned me on to this CSA last year, and in the few weeks since my summer CSA ended, I’ve been moping around waiting for it to start.

We’ve improved our cold storage for squash and root veggies since losing a bit of produce last winter. We’re going to need more storage at this rate, though! How do you handle cold storage?

One of my favorite things about CSAs, no matter what season? Sharing the produce with my dear MIL and having her say, “that carrot (or tomato or onion or peach) tasted like a real carrot (or tomato or onion or peach).” I just love sharing the pleasure of locally, organically grown veggies with her!

P.S. Ignore the fact that I forgot to post yesterday! 

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NaBloPoMo: Water

Nov 03

While I prioritize my health (physical and mental) when making decisions and strive to cultivate habits that support my health, there has been one area that eluded me: I never drink enough water. Neal guzzles it down, but I’ve never managed to get my daily dose in me.

Here’s how that has (mostly) changed. First, I joined the Whole Life Challenge, and one of the ways to earn points is through hydration. I like earning points, so I put in some effort. The other change was to purchase a cuppow lid and metal straws. Now I take my festively dressed mason jar with me everywhere and sip all those OZs my body needs.

Am I perfect about this every day? Not at all, but considering how little water I drank about eight weeks ago, I’m pleased with my progress. What little changes with a big impact have you made lately?

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NaBloPoMo: Yoga

Nov 02

Earlier today I did my 676th consecutive yoga practice. Way back at the end of 2015, I decided to get back into having a home practice as I had in the late 90s, early 2000s. At first, when I didn’t want to get on the mat, I’d say to myself, “today’s not the day I’m going to break my streak.” It worked, I guess. Now it’s pretty rare for me to drag myself to the mat; it’s usually a part of my daily routine I anticipate.

Not every practice is a long one. On days when I’m really crunched, I may do a 20 minute practice and remind myself that it is the habit of getting on the mat that matters to me. If I can get on the mat, no matter the amount of time, I will feel better.

I can’t imagine anyone interested in yoga hasn’t heard of Yoga with Adriene or the Find What Feels Good kula…but just in case you haven’t, go on and take a look. Adriene does an excellent job guiding with her voice so you don’t feel glued to the videos, and her explanations of poses are super.

Let me know what long-time practices you have going on!

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NaBloPoMo: Slow Stitching

Nov 01

I don’t know where I first saw Katrina Rodabaugh’s work, but I knew I wanted to take a workshop with her as soon as I saw her beautiful visible mending.

Last Sunday I woke early and wended my way to one of my favorite river towns, Hudson, to one of my favorite maker spaces, Drop Forge and Tool, where, at long last, I was able to stitch under Katrina’s tutelage.

The workshop began with an overview of resources, basic stitching lessons, and the loose instructions to stitch a tea quilt. Didn’t the class make some cool ones? Mine is the lower left corner one.

After a lunch break, we got into the nitty gritty of mending, and discussions about the slow fashion movement. I left the workshop feeling so inspired and excited, and super pleased with the mending I did and the new skills I acquired. If you have a chance to take a workshop with Katrina, don’t even hesitate!

P.S. I’m sure you can imagine all the things a person might say after neglecting her website since late January, so I’ll spare you my actually saying them.

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