Garter Jacquard: the New Black

Nov 14

Last weekend I switched roles from teacher to student when I took Franklin Habit’s garter jacquard class at Webs. I’m smitten with this technique, which allows the knitter to produce fair isle-style color work in garter fabric. Want to see a beautiful example? Check out Franklin’s garter jacquard Tomten.

Information about the technique is limited, at least when searching Ravelry and Google. Franklin, however, has not only developed an excellent class on the method, but we all know what an effective writer about and translator of historic patterns he is. I suspect as more knitters take his class and time allows him, we may see some exciting patterns and articles. I woke up Monday morning with a pattern idea, which I’m going to sketch and work up between holiday knitting projects.

Being a student is one of the great pleasures of my life. I love the feeling of discomfort that new information and skills brings, and I am over the moon when that feeling turns into recognition and understanding. Franklin is a first-rate teacher. His explanations are clear and accurate, and his written materials are excellent. He’s willing to demonstrate technique to a room full of eager knitters as many times as necessary. He’s funny, kind, and patient. Guess you could say: I am a fan. I’m eager to take another class with him on, well, pretty much anything he’s teaching!

What new technique have you learned that has you excited?

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Two Things

Aug 17

Clue 2
1. I am pleased with my color combination.
2. I need to improve my M1L done while also joining a new color.

What technique do you want to improve?

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Sleeping Weather

Aug 12

Summer Friday
We’ve had perfect weather the last few days. Warm, sunny, humid-free days and cool, breezy nights. Good sleeping weather, everyone says with a grin. Sleeping in air conditioning relieves the hot, humid nights of July, but sleeping with windows wide open is so much nicer, don’t you think?

I’ve been spending time with a good book and West Knits Mystery Shawl. I vacillated on colors for a while, but consultation with Irene from SnB and Jodi from my LYS led me to the perfect orange yarn, and I think my book’s cover may have influenced me a bit, too.
Book and Shawl
I’ve been doing a lot of crochet design work, which I can’t show you quite yet, and I’ve discovered that knitting is a fantastic way to take a break from the hook. I’m a rather severe hooker (oh, I can’t wait to see what the search engines do with that!), but a loosey goosey knitter, so knitting relaxes my wrists a bit.

I hope you have good sleeping weather, too. What have you been crafting when you’re not sleeping?

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Hairpin Lace!

Jul 26

Guys! I’ve been doing loads of hairpin lace design work this summer. Loads! I can’t show pictures yet, but I can tell you about something pretty exciting:

I’ve started a website all about hairpin lace!

I’ll be adding more patterns, more tutorials, and more information about my gateway craft. Let me know what else would be useful in my quest to bring HPL back!

Lookie here!


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Baby Granny

Apr 30

This morning Spring hosted a baby shower for another of our friends, Therese.  Since Therese will be moving back to Norway not long after the baby is born, the them was “books and booties”. I gave her one of my favorite books, the ever-delightful Green Eggs and Ham, and I crocheted a car seat blanket.  A simple granny square was made more sophisticated by the beautiful Noro yarn.  The rich colors motivated me to crochet just a few more stitches until I could see the next color emerge. The Ravelry project page is here.

It was fun to see all of the nice gifts, and even more fun to hold Spring’s little baby girl whenever I could get my hands on her!

What’s your favorite gift to make for babies?

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Whatever Happened? 2KCBWDAY4

Mar 31

A look through my Ravelry projects page makes me realize that I knit primarily accessories, and I give most of them away.  Maybe it is the short attention span I have before something new and pretty catches my fancy.  As I think about the knits that I’ve given away, I guess my favorite would be the Shetland Lace Triangle shawl I knit for my dissertation chair, a woman I admire beyond words.

Close up

I used Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace yarn, which was pure pleasure to knit. To make the gift even more special, I commissioned a custom shawl pin featuring a beautiful piece of turquoise from Romi. Sharon was delighted with the gift, and I was even more delighted the last time we chatted when she told me how much she enjoyed wearing the shawl.  Perfect for an evening dining outside in Albuquerque!

It means the world to me when people use the knits I make them.  Just like Reader-Response literary criticism depends upon the reader to actively make meaning in a text, my knits need to be worn, or they are incomplete.

Whatever happened to one of your favorite knits?  Where is it now?

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