Nov 11

Other than the occasional accident, she’s a dream to have around.  The big girls still aren’t convinced about her, but I think once Coco can run around more (her belly is healing from her spaying surgery on Friday), they’ll start to like her better.  Me?  I like her just fine.

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A Mutt like Me and President-Elect Obama

Nov 09

Img_1542Meet Coco Chanel, fondly known as Coco.  She’s a four-pound lap warmer who came home with us on the advice of our friend who is a dog trainer.  Her eyes are not green and demonesque, but I couldn’t straighten that out.  Tilly is mothering her, as we thought she would, and Maddie vacillates between amusement, jealousy, and depression.  We did manage to seat our family of five on the chair and footstool in my office and have everyone get along, so I have high hopes for a harmonious future in our household.

I’m still giddy over Tuesday’s results.  Not-Blogless-for-long Spring and I went to NYC on Wednesday, and there were lots of happy folks with Obama pins on their jackets.  Nicholas Kristof captured what may be my main reason for joy in his op-ed piece in today’s Times.   It’s about time we moved away from sound bites towards real, robust, meaningful statements.

Coco is snoozing away as I write.  Pretty soon I have to get up to do my pushups, but I’ll find another way to amuse myself for a few moments longer.  Maybe looking for couture dog sweater patterns will do the trick!

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In Which Adventures Nearly Make My Head Explode

Mar 06

MaddieShe looks so sweet and innocent.  She was a pup in this picture, but the look is the same.  You’d never suspect the grief and sorrow she has caused her mama.

We use an electric fence in our back yard to allow the dogs a bit of freedom.  One or the other of us keeps an eye peeled, but it only takes a split second to lose track of a dog. I spent two and a half hours searching for Maddie, including traipsing through my neighbors’ back yards, walking down all the streets around us, slipping on the icy paths of the nature preserve.  Neal was ready to come home from work after my teary call to him. 

Finally, finally, I heard her bark.  I found her in the front yard of R.J. the cat’s house.  I think R.J. may have led Maddie on a wild chase; Maddie had perfumed herself with some sort of nastiness.

I snapped her leash on and walked her home.  After a quick call to Neal (yes, sobbing so hard I couldn’t speak was a part of it), I prepared the bathroom for a bath.  Maddie was tolerant of her bath, and I was starting to relax.

Then, as I dried her, she stepped on my left little piggy.  The broken one.  Bottle rocket zambino!  The tape and ice had been helping, but I think there are still a few of those cartoon birds whirling around my head.

Want to know what I did learn, though?  Even with a broken toe, I can run if it means getting to my little lovey before she gets hurt.  That’s good to know.

I’m going to try to find a way to quiet myself down after such a big, scary adventure.  Yarn and some needles might help, don’t you think?

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Four and Elevensies

Feb 05

Img_0484Ms. Maddie Mulligan turns four today!  It’s rainy here in Connecticut, so she’s decided to celebrate with a nap on my bed.  I’m sure some delicious treat will make it into her dinner bowl.

I’m on a break from reading Guillame de Lorris and Jean de Meun for just a moment.  As delightful as The Romance of the Rose is, I need a shot of caffeine about this time of day. 

During the summer I lived in Oxford, my college‘s pub had a delightful service called Morning Coffee.  This is not coffee with breakfast.  No, it is a second breakfast of sorts (Hobbits, after all, were born in Oxford).   At that time of the day when you’re not quite ready for lunch, but need a pick me up between classes, nothing suits like a cuppa and a digestive.  I always went in for the chocolate McVities, and I loved how the chocolate would melt just a smidge when the biscuit was placed on the tea saucer.   The day-bartender would stand behind one of the long tables in our pub with giant kettles of tea and coffee, ready to pour for the mob of students milling about.  "Milk?" he’d ask, because the proper way, of course, is to splash the milk first and allow the tea to warm it. 

I call my Morning Coffee Elevensies (another meal endorsed by Hobbits) now, as I like to take it at, well, 11:00.  Of late, I’ve enjoyed PG Tips (do click this link; you will want the monkey as much as I do, I promise!) in my cup.  Dee-licious!

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Birthday Girl

Jan 24

Yarn_and_ribby_sweater_018"Why, thank you for remembering," says the pup when congratulated on her fifth birthday.  Tilly is one of the most special dogs in the world (I know, most dog lovers will say that about their own dogs, but it’s really true in this case).  I swear she’s an empath, and she also has a super funny sense of humor.  I wish I could get a picture of her laughing–it would crack you up to see!

Happy Birthday, lovey!

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Maybe I Only Amuse Myself

Jul 16

There was potential for darkness today.  I wanted to visit one of my favorite bloggers while she’s in the U.S., but my schedule just doesn’t allow it.  I know, though, that we’ll meet up some day, and I’m secretly hoping that it will mean a trip to Germany in my future.

I just called the dogs in (I typed gods, first, but, alas, the gods don’t come in when I call), and when Maddie bounded onto the deck, I sang out, in my loudest of loud voices, "Here she comes, Miss America…"  Then I sort of remembered that I have neighbors who might wonder at that burst of music.  I rounded up the girls, got them inside, and I laughed at myself.  Darkness dispelled by silliness. 

What silly things do you find yourself doing?

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