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Jul 19

Times Square Week 2 Front
Times Square Week 2 Back


Colleen’s Week 2 postcard.

Take a look at some of the other excellent #roadtrip stories:

Margene posted week one here and  here is her week two story.

Maddie’s is here.

Lucinda’s week one and week two.

Thanks, writers, for sharing your stories!

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Mar 31

You know I love a project, right? For the past few years, I’ve taken on daily projects: the 2015 Postcard Project, in which I created and mailed 365 postcards around the world; the 2017 Stitch-a-Day Project, which had me embroidering a free-form sampler every day; my 2018 Remarkable People Project, where I’m drawing (on a postcard, natch) and reading about someone remarkable every day.

Starting on April 3, I’m embarking on a shorter-term project as part of the awesome #100dayproject movement. I’m calling it 100 Unconstrained Days. Each day, I’ll look for an image or idea that represents “unconstrained” to me, and I’ll translate it into a sketch. I’m so used to working on postcards that I’ve considered using them, but I probably will vary materials a bit more. I’ve been doing some work to free myself from some constraints I feel, and I’m excited to see how this helps me. Art therapy for the win!

Are you participating? If so, let me know how to find you on Instagram. I’ll be using the hashtag #100unconstraineddays and hope you check it out!


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Lesson from a Failed Project

Jan 04

Remember that Postcard Project back in the innocent days of 2015? Maybe one landed in your mailbox? That was me, making a thing every day and feeling pretty dang proud of myself a year ago.

qb2Remember last year, how I purchased a cool daily agenda, came up with a kickin’ project name, and then failed? Well, you might not remember the Quotidian Bones fail because I never really talked about it. I kept hoping I’d get my QB mojo back. I let the unexpected loss of a good friend derail me. I gave in to the glum, the ennui that sometimes follows loss. I’m not here to bring you down, though. Nope. It’s a new year, and there’s a new project.

A project born from the lessons learned by 2016’s fail. It’s not like I didn’t meet up with loss in 2015. The difference was that in 2015 I used my project to help me through the loss. Last year? I didn’t want to tell the stories of losing Kurt. I shied away from them. I have weeks where I drew a thick black line on the page.

And you know what? I wish I’d kept doing that. Kept making marks. Because I know eventually I would have been bored by the thick black lines and would have wanted to make something else. That’s how freewriting works, and I’m a fan of freewriting. Even if I have nothing to write, I just keep writing. Sometimes I write “this is dumb” a zillion times before my mind softens and something more interesting emerges. In 2017 I want to remember to transfer the principles of freewriting to my project.

Oh, the project? It’s a doozy! I’ll tell you all about it on Friday (the Quotidian Bone picture is a hint!).

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Craft Friday Draws Nigh!

Nov 04

craft-friday-collageReady for our annual rebellion against Black Friday? Once I accepted that summer is, in fact, over, (a few inches of sloppy snow like we had last week will drive that point home) my thoughts turned to plotting holiday gift projects. I’ve ordered a few gifts from indy makers, and I’m scouring Ravelry and Pinterest for diy gift ideas.  Gale introduced me to the idea of hygge, and now all I can think is that Craft Friday, especially when spent with like-minded crafters, is as hygge as it gets!

Read about Craft Friday’s start here, and check out Craft Friday posts from the last three years!

Want to join? Here are some ways:

Be sure to tag your social media posts #CraftFriday. Are you in? Let me know in the comments!

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Come Learn with Me: CIA and Fiber College

Aug 17

I enjoy teaching so much, and never more than when I teach with my pal Gale Zucker! We’ve got a few programs coming up, and I hope you’ll join us for them.

Craft Industry Alliance Webinar

On Thursday, August 18, at 1 p.m. EST, Craft Industry Alliance will host us for a live seminar “Craft a Consistent Online Presence”. Gale and I will share our favorite visual and verbal tools and techniques for translating your aesthetic online. The webinar is free for members, and membership is reasonable–CIA offers terrific resources, which I think makes it a great place to be!

Photo by Gale Zucker

Fiber College

Thinking ahead to September, and the beautiful world of Fiber College, Gale and I created a terrific new class: Haiku Postcards (hey, I love me a postcard! Remember my 2015 Postcard Project?). Gale’s going to inspire you (and show you how) to take gorgeous images, and then I’ve got some fun writing exercises to spark your creative inner scribe (and leave your inner writing critic at the gate). We’ll print your images, create postcards, and write haiku. By the end of the class, you’ll meld visual and verbal beauty to create 2-3 postcards that you can take home to remind you of Fiber College or mail to a lucky friend. Register here.

Want us to Teach for You?

Gale and I would love to work with you! We believe strong images paired with eloquent words work together to craft compelling stories. We offer a variety of workshops and programs to inspire makers and entrepreneurs to harness their creative visual and verbal powers.

Our workshops and programs range from overviews of combining words and images for popular social media, to creating savvy stories for blog posts, to developing effective product and About pages. We also offer team-building workshops that utilize smartphone camera images and engaging writing exercises to create digital or print artifacts. We can tailor a workshop or program to your group’s needs.

We’re happy to visit your guild, company, shop, or conference to guide and inspire you and your people to discover new, dynamic skills that let you show the world just how captivating your story is. Drop me a note to learn more.

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